My exchange semester in Japan

I will share my experience throughout my exchange Semester in Japan on this site. The goal is to compile a list of interesting travel and sightseeing spots. I will also include some interesting facts or historical background information such in a way that this page could be seen as a short wiki with some personal sitenotes. Also take a look at My Traveldiary in Japan in which i described my time in Japan in a more personal manner.

0. Compilations

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1. Tokyo

The metropolitian Tokyo actually consists of many wards which in turn consists of many cities which were historically merged after the end of World War II. These wards have an individual administration and town hall. The following posts shall give you a small summarized overview on the different wards and their potential sightseeing spots. This content is  not comprehensive enough and only covers spots i actually visited and believe to be worth mentioning.

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2. Specials

Spots or Topics i deemed to deserve an extra posts.

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3. Trips

Possible one day trips around Tokyo which you can do at the weekend.

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4. Kyoto

I grouped Kyoto’s sights in 4 different areas which can be used as a baseline for a day to day itinerary plan.

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5. Reviews

Monthly reviews and thoughts while being abroad.

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