About me

Hey I am Hung

and i like to do stuff. In fact i like it so much i have the habit of starting too many different things and only follow them halfway through. Additionally i have a terrible memory and do forget about many fantastic and cool things i just learned.

What is happening here?

I realized a long time ago, that documentation is the mother of knowledge and as such always tried to keep my study notes as clean as possible. This does go hand in hand with my urge on sharing fun facts (and knowledge). This actually sums up the purpose of hungsblog. I’d like to document my learnings and doings and if i could just even help one random visitor in that process, that would be fine by me as well 🙂

So where do i come from?

My name is Hung, born in 1993, currently a Business and Information Systems student at the Technical University in Dresden, which is a small beautiful 500.000 man city in the eastern part of Germany.

Who am I?

I …

  • … like challenges
  • … am open for new things, criticismn, creative ideas and opinions.
  • … enthusiastic about technology
  • … have a large variety of not followed through ideas
  • … claim to be many-faceted, unusual and self-critical
  • … like to share what i know.

Truth be told i am interested in many things but through time restrictions and prioritization I can’t follow up on everything leaving me with surface level knowledge in most cases. However there are certain topics i would say i am more deeper involved with than other topics and i would like to share my knowledge and learnings with you.

One of the original reasons for this blog was actually as a means of documentation on all my technology related knowledge. This includes small projects such as this website which runs on a raspberry pi and some minor scripts. I am also quite interested in baking and did acquire a good understanding of it, if i may say so myself, which i will definitely share on this blog at a later point in time.

My exchange semester in Japan

The initial trigger for this blog was actually as a means to document my 6 month semester in Japan. I am very proud to present you a compact wiki like documentation about some of Japan’s most famous places and especially a short overview on what to expect in Tokyo and what possibilities (spoiler: they are endless) to do nearby.

Recent Posts

For the more specific categories please visit technology and everything about baking 😉

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