Diary: 8 hours passed

since i got vaccinated. I am anxiously awaiting side effects. A friend told me, that some of her co workers who also got vaccinated experienced multiple tremendous cases of diarrhea. Here I am sitting on the toilet – waiting.

24 hours passed

We intended to go hiking today, but had to postpone it. You never know when diarrhea might strike. I do feel a little bit of a headache although i did hydrate myself the other day. My stomach does feel funny from time to time. Did the train finally arrive? Is it already time for me to get to business? I am waiting.

56 hours passed

Nope i did not feel anything. Nothing out of the ordinary. Did i get the right dose? Back in the office i hear people having high fevers, dull arms or unrelated backpain. I am glad i survived the weekend without further complications 🙂

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