Diary: Full Pipeline | 17.11.2019

Right now i am knee deep in a lot of work. The good thing is though i finally finished my posts about my exchange semester which took me longer than expected. I also could finally update my WordPress related docker images and published a tutorial just as planned as well as a full automated backup script. I caught up with most of my friends and also delivered cakes for my reentry at my old work place. The cakes were an apple-walnut pie, cherry-walnut-candied pie, a cheesecake and a basic peach cake finished in a continuous baking process one at a time in under 4h.

Still there is a lot to do:

  • one of the biggest problems i face is a university project in which i kind of accidentally git into. It’s about Flink and data stream processing, which is super interesting but also super scary since my background doesn’t offer much object oriented programming experience in such a large scale yet.
  • another project involves developing a basic web application of our choice.
  • translating all the english posts to german will be a huge workload as well (over 40 posts)
  • my brother doesn’t do well in school recently so i need to study with him. His basics in every subject is lacking.
  • I still have a lot of topics especially regarding baking which i want to share but this won’t be starting anytime sooner than February 2020
  • right now i am knitting in my spare time (lectures) to finish a scarf until mid December since i will go to Italy to meet a friend for some days
  • of course lectures and working take most of my time during the week at around 30h per week not including post studies of lectures and exercises
  • I actually intended to work out this winter as well but it does not seem to fit anywhere in my schedule yet. All i am able to do right now is a basic Brazilian JuJutsu course offered by the university and Volleyball with some co workers

So i am definitely excited when all this is over but also look forward to the challenges.

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