TIFU: by not double checking tickets and missing The Lion King musical

A friend of mine and her brother was planning to visit her father in a far away (6h cardrive) city. There is also a city nearby (2h cardrive) where the musical The Lion King is performed.

The 3 of us planned 1 month beforehand to go to the musical. They would drive 2h from their fathers while I would come by train which takes 6 h to the musical place.

I did buy the tickets online but we changed dates so often that apperently I mixed up the start time and was confident it would start at 8pm. Mind you I am normally super paranoid about such things especially if I order high price products I’d try to have another pair of eyes on the order just to make sure it’s correct. This time however I never even once took a look at the tickets after purchase. Anyway the three of us arrived at almost the same time a little before 8 pm, were super hyped and tried to go inside just to get reminded that they already finished the first act and went into a break just now (last song was hakuna matata).

Because in fact the show started already at 6:30 pm! Since we wanted to watch the whole show anyway, we decided to try to refund the tickets, by contacting their online service team and went home.

So in a sense I collectively lost 300 €, not including parking ticket, time spend on travel and emotional heartbreak. Also today we realized, that the friend of mine also forgot her wallet including every important cards at that place.

TLDR: Overconfidence and inability to read the start time properly lead us to miss the musical the lion king.

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