Kyoto – Vibes

This post includes some images which depicts Kyoto’s feeling and which i couldn’t categorize in any other parent category yet.

Kamo River

There is a continous road next to the Kamo river which invites you for a nice stroll. The grassy ground was mostly well maintained. At some point the river devides into a smaller canal. People began to extend their property to the canal side by using pillars and a extension platform which resulted in a somewhat romantic vibe.


Kyoto’s cityscape

Kyoto has mostly smaller buildings and a flat landscape. Therefore if you can get onto a roof in most cases you will already have a great overview of the city.


Railway in Kyoto

The railway is not as etensive in Kyoto as in Tokyo. I am not sure whether this is just me being ignorant but i realized that there were more bridges to cross a railway in Kyoto than in Tokyo (because in the latter trains would go above ground).


a bar street near Higashiyama

a small canal in the midst of the busy city

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