Diary: Day in my life | 15.05.2019

Today is a special and exceptional day. Today i didn’t go to university although i was supposed to. I just realized that i had to hand in an assignment yesterday! Initially I thought the deadline would be today, so still one day left. In the end i worked on it till 5 am and next class would start at 10:45 so no chance in hell i would be up and ready. But wait, thats not why this is a special day – no, today is my birthday!

I woke up at 12 pm and dozed a little bit until i actually went to brush my teeth at 2pm.

Now lunchtime is almost due. Since the 3rd floor and 1st floor shares a kitchen i have to get downstairs first.

The kitchen / social room of the first floor is quite spacious and i proceed to cook lunch. The other day i just bought 1kg of lungs with heart and precooked them. Sadly i didn’t cook the heart properly so that i could not use them although already prepared..

Since the weather was nice i also used the opportunity to do my laundry.

It’s 4 pm now and i need to study a bit. The kitchen table offers more space than the table in my room.

Because it’s my birthday we planned to eat dinner together and afterwards go to karaoke. Dinner has to be prepared though. It’s going to be Okonomiyaki which is surprisingly easy to do (receipt). Also for dessert i prepared Daifuku which was also quite easy to make (receipt). The main difference in Mochi and Daifuku is, that although both consist of short grained (glutonous) rice, Mochi is prepared by cooking the rice and then hammering on it, while Daifuku uses the flour.

The rest of the evening went smoothly though. We ate drank a bit and went to a nearby Karaoke bar.

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