Diary: Level Up – almost finished my semester, new challenges ahead | 18.03.2020

I remember around 6 months ago, i was really excited and nervous about the coming winter semester since. It was my first semester were i would study seriously again and was simultaniously trying to prove myself worthy in the field of IT.

Where before i mostly studied business related topics, this semester was packed with lectures about Data Science, Data Warehouseing, Data stream processing and Web Services. Although especially in the field of stream processing i feel like i did not as much as my group members, I still somehow managed to overcome all obstacles and am ready for new challenges.

At my workplace i get the chance to take part in a research project. The goal is   to build a functional data warehouse using only open source software. The tools include Airflow as ETL processing tool and Superset as visualization tool as well as Kubernetes. With my limited study background i am unbelievably lucky to already have some foundations in containerization and feel like i can actually keep up with all the technology bamboozle.

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